tisdag 9 april 2013

Zizek drinking game


I thought I could just post this on the wall of the group, but it would seem I will have to go through the proper channels! It's just for fun, but maybe more people will appreciate it. I want more ideas for this "game", but also to share what I have already. So, what is it? Zizek Drinking Game! I would like people to contribute with more ideas than just "zizek says", because these sort of things are not prone much to discussion, and discussing while drunk is fun (can you imagine the discussions whether zizek is returning to the core of hir argument or if it is indeed an anecdote, or perhaps an anecdote within the anecdote? It would be interesting to make a zizek flow chart!).

So, the rules are: gather some people, put on a lecture or movie with zizek, and drink whenever...

... zizek says "and so on"

... zizek tugs shirt/touches nose/coughs/snorts

... zizek defends hegel/lacan from accusations/advocates them for a true understanding of our society today (or more specifically hegel for understanding society, and lacan for understanding hegel)

... zizek makes a "zizekian reversal" ("hitler didn't go far enough", "love is evil", "a good portrait looks more like the person than the person itself", 'the capitalist system is in place because we know it's unjust yet want to have something to complain about in case we mess up our own lives", etc)

... zizek describes hirself as a realist/communist

... zizek proclaims that something is too simple (an explanation) or juxtaposes a naive/superficial/simple reading with a more "realistic" one

... zizek says "let me give you..."

... zizek says "I mean"

... zizek says "whatever"

... zizek says "the problem is"

... zizek says "they believe"

... zizek says "I claim"

... zizek says "you know"

... zizek says "my god"

... zizek says "precisely"

... zizek says "I don't mean/ideology isn't..."

... zizek says something vulgar

... zizek says "blablabla"

... zizek says "not just"

... zizek says "this is why"

... zizek tells an anecdote

... zizek criticizes the left

... zizek says "let me be brutally honest"

... zizek tells a joke about jews

... zizek compares hirself to Stalin/Lenin

... zizek criticizes liberalism or tolerance

... zizek uses the phrase "good old-fashioned"

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